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                                  If you are just starting out, you should first take the course Getting Started with Your Own Business. In just 67 minutes of videos, this course will teach you the major decisions to be made in starting a business. Next consider taking the other 7 courses that are included in the first Success Path, which is entitled Master the Basics of Starting a Business. This Success Path will take about 10 hours of video watching and will give you a very solid understanding of how to start a business.

                                  Success Paths are groups of related courses. Each Success Path will give you an in-depth understanding of a critical business topic.

                                  Click here to see all Success Paths.

                                  Besides the videos, many BusinessTown courses include tools that will save you huge amounts of time and keep you on the right path to success. Tools included templates, worksheets, samples, and case studies. For your convenience, we have also grouped all of the Tools together in one “course” called The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. Business tools include:

                                  The Ultimate Startup Checklist (100 annotated points and 14 pages), E-book: The 300 Best Small Business Ideas (105 pages) Complete Business Plan Outline, Sample Business Plan, Sample Marketing Plan, Worksheet to Rate Business Ideas, Customer Segmentation Worksheet, Business Differentiation Worksheet, Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet, Templates for Creating Income Statements and Balance Sheets and Cash Flows, Worksheet for Planning Your Website, Checklist of 50 Guerilla Marketing Tactics and many more.

                                  If you need advice on a specific topic or are just feeling lost don’t worry. You are not alone! BusinessTown members can access our Discussion Board. Here you can ask questions to Bob Adams and other business experts and discuss issues with your fellow entrepreneurs.

                                  The vast majority of courses require no business experience or knowledge whatsoever.

                                  Many courses at BusinessTown will also be of great value to people who already have business experience and/or an existing business. View the Success Paths to quickly zero in on courses that might be of most value to you. If you really want to succeed in business, you should never stop learning. For example if you want to grow your business quickly, consider the Success Path, Grow Your Business Exponentially.

                                  BusinessTown courses are based on pre-recorded videos. You may watch a video as often as you want. We encourage you to not just watch each video but to stop and think carefully about how you can apply it to your situation. Many courses also offer additional tools such as worksheets, templates, examples or case studies.

                                  Course length varies. The typical course has about 30 to 60 minutes of video playtime. This usually consists of about 4 to 7 lessons.

                                  There is no set time limit to complete any course. As long as you are still a member of BusinessTown you can go back and access any course again and again.

                                  The courses cover just about every topic about starting and building a business. Check out the Success Paths to review subjects and courses.

                                  You can take BusinessTown courses on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You will need Internet access.

                                  The videos cannot be downloaded but you can view them as often as you want. The business tools are downloadable.

                                  We offer a free 7-day trial. If you decide that BusinessTown is not for you, then just cancel within 7 days of starting your free trial and you will not be charged at all.

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